Counseling is available in-person in our office and through teletherapy. For teletherapy sessions, we use a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing technology to ensure your privacy, so you can have one-on-one sessions with your therapist from home or another remote location.

If depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, feelings of brain fog, being quick to anger or sadness, or any other behavioral signs are affecting your or a family member’s ability to thrive, we can help. Our staff are both qualified and caring – not to mention, highly trained in partnering with you on your healing journey.

The following are some of the issues that can be addressed in counseling:

Who We Serve:

  • Individual/Couples/Family
  • Children (4-12 years)
  • Adolescents (13-17 years)
  • Adults (17-64 years)
  • Seniors (65+ years)