1. Identify options and look at online profiles – many include photos and information about their licensure and experience
    • Use an online tool like Psychology Today’s Therapist Finder
    • Get referrals from friend, school social worker, physician
  2. Interview
    • What is their area of focus – does it match the kind of help you are seeking?
    • What kind of interventions do they use – do they focus on changing behaviors or on the underlying issues? Is this what the kind of help you want?
    • Ask how they work – if you are calling for a child or adolescent, be sure to understand how they engage or coordinate care with the parents.
  3. Understand your financial responsibility
    • What are their fees
    • Will they accept your insurance? You may want to call your insurance yourself to understand your behavior health benefits as these can vary greatly among insurance plans.

The selection of a therapist is highly personalized – what is most important is that you find someone you are comfortable working with to achieve your goals.