Our professional staff of licensed clinicians focuses on individual strengths, empowerment, and coping skills to improve emotional wellness and ability to meet life’s challenges. All of our therapists have, at a minimum, a graduate degree in counseling, therapy, or social work; many of our talented staff have additional certifications and training in areas of specialization such as substance abuse, couples counseling, and grief counseling.

  • Meghan Corkill

    Meghan Corkill, MA, LCPC, CAADC

    Assistant Clinical Director

  • Grisel Gerena

    Grisel Gerena, LCPC

    Assistant Clinical Director

  • Gary Friend

    Gary Friend, DPM, MA, LPC

    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Carol Saldinger

    Carol Saldinger, MSW, LCSW

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Christopher Glatt

    Christopher Glatt, MA


  • Mark Hoffman

    Mark Hoffman, LPC


  • Ashley Johnnies

    Ashley M. Johnnies, MSW, LSW


  • Jamaria Jones-Dorsey

    Jamaria Jones-Dorsey, MS, LPC


  • Kristin Keeler

    Kristin Keeler, PsyD


  • Mutaal Khan

    Mutaal Khan, MA, LPC


  • Colleen McShane

    Colleen McShane


  • Ena Puskar

    Ena Puskar

    Clinical Intern

  • Jennifer Machonga

    Jennifer Machonga, LPC


  • Marguerite Urizarri

    Marguerite Urizarri

    Clinical Intern