Mark Hoffman

Mark Hoffman, LPC


(847) 748-0417

Mark is an experienced counselor who has been working with individuals, families, teams, and businesses since achieving his MA in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University.

Mark’s passion is helping others become more personally aware, especially of their strengths that can enable them to make better decisions, improve communication with others, and reduce conflict in their lives.  Mark is also a Certified Public Account (CPA) who has worked with private and family-owned businesses to develop high performing leaders and teams.

Mark’s counseling approach creates an empathic, genuine, and safe space to explore the client’s needs, wants and desires.  In doing so, clients gain a deeper understanding of motivations driving their behaviors and behaviors of those around them, while developing greater skills and self-confidence to help them achieve more satisfying lives and fulfilling relationships. Mark loves self-challenges that test his physical and empathic/emotional skills.  This has included climbing 14,000 plus foot Snowmass Peak, encouraging others through stressful, difficult times and obstacles, and now his most current and pervasive focus, becoming a good, consistent and actually happy golfer.