Valerie Oliveras

Valerie Oliveras, BA

Clinical Intern

(847) 748-0847

Valerie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts and is currently in her final year at Loyola University of Chicago’s Institute of Pastoral Studies earning a graduate degree in Pastoral Counseling.

I’ve worked with children and families for the past 15 years. The greater part of that work was in supporting parents through home visiting support services. In the past few years, I transitioned into working within elementary, middle and high school students offering mental health support and coaching one on one to students with a community mental health agency. Therapy has changed me in so many wonderful ways. I am passionate about the process, the willingness and openness it takes on the client’s part and the humility required on my part as a clinician. Being a witness to and supporting others on their path has proven to be really rewarding work for me.

I’m learning my own therapeutic approach and areas of expertise as I finish my studies. I find myself leaning towards psycho-dynamic and psycho-analytic practices and I have found client-centered and humanistic approaches to be engaging for a variety of individuals. I believe in the power of therapeutic groups and really enjoy being able to facilitate these. It’s incredible to see the dual process of therapy and community side by side.

In my free time I love anything to do with water, spending time with my family and friends and being creative through painting and mixed media.