Teaching Coping Skills So That Students Can THRIVE

At Youth & Family Counseling we work with hundreds of teenagers and young adults every year to help them manage stress, heal from traumas, and cope with life transitions. Our clients usually come to us when their emotional problems are serious enough to interfere with their ability to function at school or at home.

But what if we could help teenagers and young adults identify when emotional problems are just starting and teach them how to manage and cope right away? Early intervention means early recovery – that’s why we created YFCthrive.

YFCthrive is a four-week program that helps students strengthen and maintain emotional wellness. Students meet in a group setting with a YFC therapist once a week for 45 minutes. Weekly sessions are designed to teach participants how to recognize signs of emotional distress, learn interventions to cope and manage their stressors, and develop strategies to incorporate wellness into their everyday lives.

YFCthrive groups are delivered by YFC therapists who have experience working with adolescents and young adults, are skilled at engaging with people in this age group and possess a wide range of supportive tools and interventions.

There is no charge to participate in YFCthrive. It’s free!


Participation in any health program can have both risks and benefits. Although self-management skills for wellness can improve your overall mental and physical health, there is no guarantee that this will occur. YFCthrive is NOT meant to replace competent medical care or treatment for any physical or mental health problem or condition.

YFCthrive is a wellness program and not a therapeutic program. YFCthrive staff will not diagnose participants or perform psychotherapy services. If we determine that your student would benefit from counseling services, we will work with you to connect your student with this kind of care.

YFCthrive will not share information about program participation to any third party unless compelled to do so by law or with consent of the participant. The YFCthrive team is required by law to break confidentiality if the participant is at risk of harm to self or others or if child or elder abuse or neglect is suspected.